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Muni Seva Ashram name truly reflects its origin and purpose. Muni inspired Ashram for Seva. It impressed me at the first sight with its quiet, rural, riverside location and a possibility to get involved not only in an excellent medical centre but also senior citizen/disabled community and excellent school as well as solar energy run power supply centre. The facility is very well built and has a nice kitchen providing delicious food. It does is a great opportunity to contribute to the cause of humanity to help people who really need our help. The devotion of the people who have contributed a significant portion of their life To this place is amazing.

Pankaj Parikh

Pankaj ParikhNorth Carolina, USA

Muni Seva Ashram is a very clean and beautiful place with positive vibrations that make anyone on the campus feel good and at peace. It is a well-organized setup with a state of the art technology used to provide good services to all people without any discrimination based on class or economic status along with good security in a good ambience. The staff at the ashram is friendly and the inmates are very helpful and accessible. It is a place where even people from the weakest socio-economic backgrounds would be serviced without any inferior treatment. With value-based leadership and other great minds devoting their time and efforts to the developmental activities of the ashram, the ashram has become a place where actions do the talking.

MSA is a unique place and works with people without any concern for caste, gender, community or income levels. It is a humbling experience to be at the MSA.

Prof. Hitesh Bhatt

Prof. Hitesh BhattDirector, Institute of Rural Management, Anand

The trip to MSA was truly a spiritual experience for me and enriching for my soul. I consider myself very much blessed for getting this opportunity to visit MSA and to entertain their people. We were impressed by their hospitality and gentle care. Hopefully will visit them again soon.

Ami Sanghavi

Ami SanghaviToronto, Canada

હું પોતે શિલ્પમ ભાવસાર, મને મળેલી ટ્રીટમેન્ટ તથા ડોક્ટરોનાં વ્હવહાર તથા દરેક પ્રકારની ટ્રીટમેન્ટ અને સેવાથી હું પોતે સંતુષ્ટ છું.

શિલ્પમ ભાવસાર

શિલ્પમ ભાવસારગુજરાત

હું અહીંયા છેલ્લા ચાર વર્ષથી કેન્સરની સારવાર લઈ રહ્યો છું. અહીંયા મને કોઈ પણ જાતની દુવિધા ઉત્પન્ન થઈ નથી. અહીંના બધા જ સ્ટાફે મારી તમામ સારવારમાં મદદ કરી છે. અને હું આ સારવારથી ખૂશ છું. અહીંયા મને કોઈપણ જાતની તકલીફ નથી.

વસાવા જયંતીભાઈ ઈશ્વરભાઈ

વસાવા જયંતીભાઈ ઈશ્વરભાઈગુજરાત