Social Welfare

Bhagini Mandir (Mentally Challenged Women)

Individuals with mental incapacities are often neglected and secluded from the society. The problems that such unfortunate people face in turn further affect their hearts and minds. Women with mental disabilities are especially the most victimized. To help such women, who either do not find the love from society or if their families can no longer support them, we have established a sanctuary that provides care, comfort, love and treatment to them.

Designed by India's leading Architect Mr. Manoj Patel, Bhagini Mandir has 20 rooms, each spacious enough to accommodate 5 women. Regardless of her age, when a girl or a woman comes to Bhagini Mandir, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to find out about her strengths and needs. The results are evaluated by our resident doctors who provide the best possible treatment to these women, with the hope of giving them better lives. To make them self sufficient, women are encouraged to carry out basic chores like cleaning, or assisting in cooking, which in turn helps them focus and sharpens their minds.