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Social Welfare

Bhagini Mandir (Home for Differently Abled Women)

Individuals with mental incapacities are often neglected and secluded from society. The problems that such unfortunate people face in turn further affect their hearts and minds. Women with mental disabilities are especially the most victimized. To help such women, who either do not find love from society or if their families can no longer support them, we have established a sanctuary that provides care, comfort, love, and treatment to them.

Bhagini Mandir - An abode for differently-abled women of the age above 18, was started by stupendous visionary Pujya Shree Anuben, in 1986 with the objective to enable, empower & encourage comprehensive care of these less privileged, challenged, needy & deserving women. Today this assisted living, residential facility is a shelter for almost 100 such sisters & daughters of our society. Here, every effort is made to improve the quality of their lives by providing respect, dignity, purpose, and fulfillment.

Regardless of her age, when a girl or a woman comes to Bhagini Mandir, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation which includes a comprehensive health check-up done to find out about their physical fitness status, strengths, challenges, and needs. Different tests including neurological, psychological, hearing & vision are carried out and results have complied & are evaluated by our resident physician doctors based upon that we provide the best possible treatment to these women, with the hope of giving them better lives and also their activity schedule made. To make them self-sufficient, women are encouraged to carry out basic chores like cleaning or assisting in cooking, which in turn helps them focus and sharpens their minds, and the schedule is designed in such a way that can encourage them to become as independent as possible and develop their life skills, vocational skills and nature them in a compassionate environment. Periodic health checkups, physiotherapists & psychiatrist consultation is part of their regime. Arrangements are made for one day picnic every year and ⅔ days field trip once in two years.

We have specially trained, dedicated caretakers with a total seva approach who leave no stone unturned in caring for these women and as a result, the improvement in their condition is such that it leaves their families astonished when they go home for their yearly 15 days vacation.

Normally it is said that the average life expectancy of mentally challenged women is much lesser than that of normal women but contrary to this fact, our sisters & daughters are living much longer & healthy lives at Bhaginin Mandir. About 50% of the total beneficiaries of Bhagini Mandir are from the age group of more than 45 years.

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