Sponsor a Bhagini Girl

Our current Bhagini building accommodates about 100 girls but we are in the process of building which will be able to accommodate 100 more. expected completion of this new building in winter of 2023.

Want to play a part in it??


They have disabilities though you have the ability to help them. The human spirit is one of ability, perseverance, and courage that no disability can steal away. You can't change the direction of the wind, but perhaps you can adjust your sails to always reach any destination, in this case helping Bhaginis.

Disability is a matter of perception: Our Bhagini says "I Am Differently ABLE"

By sponsoring a Bhagini; you can show them some extra love. Help because YOU CAN.

What you will get:

  • Biodata, pictures & their report when you sign up
  • Personal meeting at MSA Bhagini Mandir with a sponsored girl if you are visiting India
  • You will help in improving the quality of lives of such sisters & daughters of our society by providing care, respect, dignity, purpose & fulfillment.

What we will need:

To Sponsor Bhagini Girl, email us on msa@greenashram.org Or info@greenashram.org.

The welfare activities here can sustain only with generous support from society. We are thankful for your support & donation.

The annual expense to sponsor Bhagini Girls aged from 18 years to 75 + years includes lodging, boarding, and activities…

Cost of sponsoring a Bhagini Mandir Girls:

(in INR)
(in USD)
(in CAD)
Annual Sponsorship 35,000 500 650
Lifetime Sponsorship 5,00,000 6,700 9,100
Name Plate on One of the Dormitory Room 10,00,000 13,350 18,200