Industrial Courses


The individual at work interacts with customers to install the appliance and diagnose the problem to assess possible causes of malfunction. Once the problem and causes have been identified, the individual rectifies minor problems or replaces faulty modules for failed parts or recommends factory repairs for bigger faults.

Assistant Electrician will be assisting level-4 electricians or superior in electrical work for the installation, repair, and maintenance of temporary LV electrical connections at the construction sites and permanent connections at residential and commercial buildings. The individual will be engaged in laying conduits for LV single phase wiring with appropriate selection and use of hand and power tools efficiently.

It involves removal of metal from the outer diameter of a rotating cylindrical workpiece. It also involves inspecting the components and continuously monitoring the machining operations and making minor adjustments in order to ensure that the work output is to the required quality and accuracy.

Involves identifying metals, tools; carrying out fitting and fabrication operations like measuring, marking out, sawing, grinding, drilling, chiseling, threading, tapping, scraping, manual lapping and inspecting of components in order to fit a component as per specifications. It also involves basic oxy-fuel gas cutting and basic manual arc welding as per given instructions and under supervision.

Perform these above mentioned operations as per WPS (Welding Procedure specification) and can set-up and prepare for operations interpreting the right information from the WPS, obtaining the right consumables and raw materials, etc. and the candidate must know how to use the same in a safe manner following practices that ensure safety for self, others and the work environment and assess weld quality through visual inspection.

Perform manual (semi-automatic) MIG/MAG (GMAW) welding for a range of standard welding job requirements and weld different materials (carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel) in various positions. The welder can prepare various joints including corner, butt, fillet and tee. Set-up and prepare for operations interpreting the right information from the WPS.