Many charitable institutions first develop a mission and then structure an organization to accomplish that mission.  In contrast, Muni Seva Ashram started without any formal mission or objectives.  The founder, Anuben Thakkar, under her Guruji's direction, only sought to serve the needy and deprived of Goraj.  

Three decades later, the Ashram has emerged as a clean, serene and tranquil place where love for humanity abundantly bubbles through all corners, exploiting natural resources in the most sustainable manner using cutting edge technologies in renewable energy even though tucked in a remote tribal belt. This has made the ashram a self-reliant homogeneous unit. This is the handy-work of Ashram's chairperson, Dr. Vikram Patel who as Anuben's right-hand man developed Ashram's infrastructure while paying full respect to nature.

Thus, the Ashram's vision can now be simply stated as :

"To serve, strengthen and sustain the well being of the less fortunates without any discrimination and build organisational resilience through agriculture, health, education, welfare programmes and alternative energy by deploying most appropriate technologies in total harmony with nature, culture and human values"

In the last two decades Muni Seva Ashram has increased its scope of activities by many folds, credit for this exemplary growth goes to Pujya Anuben, for her love for humanity and to Dr. Vikrambhai who integrated education, health care, alternative energy, social services and agriculture to create an Ashram that Mahatma Gandhi would have been truly proud of. He wouldn't have hesitated to move from Sabarmati ashram to the Muni Seva Ashram!. Banter apart; the Ashram is an amazing place and these pages will provide only glimpses of what it is really like. There is no equal to visiting the Ashram. We invite you to visit at least once in your life time. We guarantee that the moments will be cherished for the remainder of your life.