Village Welfare and Hygiene

MSA embarks on a bold initiative to build 1000+ eco-friendly sanitary units (toilets) for nearby villages.

Modern sanitation adds almost twenty years to the average human life.  Toilets keep water supplies clean and reduce the amount of illness that affects a population. In turn, communities save money as hospital bills are avoided and labor is not lost to diseases like dysentery, tape worms etc.  The biggest beneficiaries are women who no longer have to wait until dark to relieve themselves. Investing in sanitation and clean water enables villages to end the cycle of poverty.
Muni Seva Ashram’s bold initiative seeks to build 1000+ eco-friendly sanitation units for nearby villages

Since its founding in 1979, Muni Seva Ashram has been providing services to nearby villages. Realizing the importance of sanitation, MSA was ready to help when approached by Shri Shailesh Vasava, the Sar Panch of a group of ten villages around Goraj, to help build sanitary units for the villagers. Right now, less than 10% of households have access to a toilet.  MSA plans to build 1000 toilets over the next two years.

Current progress
Toilet number of completed toilets:
Waiting for sponsorship: 
The toilets have been accepted with tremendous success. Homeowners use them daily and reap significant health and financial benefits. 

Having seen the success of these toilets, other villagers have approached MSA about building for themselves. Slowly, but surely, MSA is changing people’s mindsets and old habits.  By 2017, MSA will build 1000 toilets.