To enable, empower and encourage comprehensive care and rehabilitation of the less privileged, the challenged and the needy and to improve the quality of their lives by providing care, respect and fulfillment

In the last decade Muni Seva Ashram has increased its scope of activities by many folds, credit for these exemplary services rendered goes to Pujya Anuben and trusties for there visionary and administrative abilities.

Parivar Mandir
Social taboos, ostracism, and economic hardships force certain mothers to forsake their newborn babies in wilderness. But Anuben believed that life is a gift of God and every child should have a chance to live. Every child should at least have a proper upbringing, basic facilities, a chance to study and mould the future. It is the responsibility of the society to help each other so that our future generation will have India that has her ancient glory.  Read More

Bhagini Mandir
Mentally challenged? is often a misunderstood and derogatory term. Individuals with retardation are a target of scorn and ridiculeDue to society?s attitude, retardation leads to other physical and emotional problems which interfere with the persons learning process. After certain age when the parents grow old, other members of the family consider them to be a liability. As they are sensitive, the temper tantrum increases and they become violent and withdraw into themselves.  Read More

Vanprashtha Mandir
Today in this fast paced world where the boundaries of countries have nearly vanished, migration for work and better prospects leave the elderly people alone. Sometimes they do not want to leave the old place and in some cases they are neglected. In India slowly this social development is threatening the country. The rise in the percentage of aged people who need this facility has increased many fold.  Read More