"Voice Of The Youth" Workshop at MSA

August, 2015


Voice Of The Youth (VOTY), was a 3-days seminar-cum-workshop organized at Muni Seva Ashram; Goraj on August 14-16.

The main purpose of the event was to make young people (age group 14-38) aware about their hidden potential, to help them align their mindset to the positive aspect of their personalities & thus improve their current state of existence by infusing a fresh, new, positive energy. And ultimately to channelize this volcano of an energy into right direction with proper guidance.

A very important purpose also being to make this young brigade from different parts of India to come together, bridge together, know and understand each other, to make friends with each other; for bigger purpose, bigger associations & bigger scheme of things in future.

The workshop was initially conceptualized by Mr Naresh J Shah of “Shree Khimat Samaj – Mumbai” who is also a longtime supporter of MSA. The event was eventually conducted under the united banner of “Shree Khimat Samaj”. The Samaj represents a place called “Khimat” which is a small village in Banaskantha District; North Gujarat. (Almost touching the border of Rajasthan state). The workshop succeeded in bringing together around 370 participants & volunteers from Shree Khimat community from all over India & abroad, under one roof, on common platform, for a common cause.

The participants visited the Eklavya school, the farming, Solar energy plant & Green Ashram concept and the Hi-tech diagnostic, prevention and cure of Cancer at Kailash Hospital which all were in the right proportion to generate the perfect mix of a hybrid environment of simplistic living & high technology. The participants couldn’t have asked for a better and more strategic venue, which instilled in the Youth the basic principles of life in extreme simplistic manner with real-life sights.

The workshop was spread over 3-days & 10-sessions. Each session was an approx. 120-150 minutes. Various experienced, specialized, expert faculty trainers were invited and appointed to present different subjects, relevant to current times and current breed of the Youth.

The list of faculties and the subjects are as below:

  1. ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS by Ms Riddhi Doshi Patel from Mumbai.

  2. GREEN ASHRAM CONCEPT by Mr Deepak Gadhia from Goraj.

  3. WINNING BEHAVIOURS & TIME MANAGEMENT by Mr Pradeep Shroff from Mumbai.

  4. OUT OF THE BOX THINKING by Mr Him-eesh Madaan from Delhi.

  5. SMART SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING by Mr Yash Chawla from Baroda.

  6. LEADERSHIP & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES by Ms Pratibha Pai from Mumbai.



  9. RELATIONSHIPS & WOMEN EMPOWERMENT by Ms Kaajal Oza Vaidya from Ahmedabad.

  10. FINANCE & MONEY MATTERS by Mr Rakesh Doshi from Surat.

An extremely detailed and clear explanation about the causes, symptoms and prevention of Cancer by Dr. Kantharia helped 3 of the participants to get determined & declare publicly, to boycott and do away with their tobacco chewing habits for life. What more instant result can be expected & can get bigger than this?

Entire workshop was meticulously planned & balanced with the requirement, demands & likings of the Youth of the current times. The leisure time of 100-120 minutes daily post dinner, showcased lovely skits, live band, singing, acting, dancing by Ashram school children and participants, exercising their talents & skills.

The perspective of the participants changed session by session. The frequency of interaction with the faculties increased. The curiosity & inquisitiveness - to know more, learn more, experience more could be clearly seen. Sheer brilliance was on display.

Last day of the event consisted of panel discussion with the senior community professionals and persons whose life set an example of growth story. Youth of the Samaj had so many questions to ask, so many things to know, so many doubts to clear and so much to grasp from the ones with whom this was the best platform to interact. The panel discussion created a win-win situation for the participants as well as the panelists.

A special address by the chairman of MSA, Dr. Vikram Patel, was like an icing on the cake. A live example of simple living, dedication and devotion of self to the service of every living life around him. After a tiring day for all the participants which consisted of train traveling, visit to the hospital, Muni Seva Ashram campus and few seminars, what seemed to be a relaxing post dinner time, surprisingly turned out to pour tremendous energy in each & every person present in that hall, when Dr. Vikram Patel started answering the questions raised by the audience. Dr. Vikram Patel humbled the audience with his simplicity. This session was very special & influenced the soul of every participant present in the seminar Hall.

What better place than Muni Seva Ashram & KCHRC, to imbibe a sense of peace, discipline, brotherhood, selfless service to the nature & humankind.

You learn what you see. And you see, what you learn.”