Student Volunteers at the Monsoon Camp

July, 2014

The message of the Ashram has spread to the youth in the United States and England, and as a result, we have landed 10 inspired student volunteers, who visited the ashram to learn more about healthcare, education and social services.

These students did not only got exposure to the medical field itself, but also to the idea of renewable energy and self-sustainability, which is what makes this Ashram so special. In their first few days of camp, these students have had the opportunity to shadow physicians, watch live operations, and even log some community service hours by helping out with the set-up of a technology lab at the Baxipunch Primary School. Additionally, some of the girls in the group have had the pleasure of interacting with the different houses of girls, such as the Pariwar Mandir and the Bhagini Mandir, on campus here at the Ashram, which from their personal accounts, seems to have been quite rewarding. Each of these 10 students has come here in search of answers to different questions, but all centered about the main focus: should I become a doctor? This camp aims to provide an environment for both personal growths as well as information for self-reflection, which may answer some of the student’s associated questions in their pursuit of determining the focus of their future careers.

We asked the students to reflect on their expectations and impressions from the first two days at Ashram. These "Initial Impression" essays can be accessed through this link. 
At the culmination of the two weeks, the student volunteers are filled with jubilation upon completing several hours of community service, and learning so much about their prospective careers. We asked the students to reflect upon their two-week stay.  These "Two weeks at MSA" essays can be accessed through this link.