Article about cancer prevention and treatment

April, 2015
There are many different causes of cancer – some are known and others are yet unknown. Of the known causes, tobacco tops the list. Tobacco has no nutritional value, yet contains many poisons such as arsenic, tar, ammonia and acetone.

In India, 275 million people consume tobacco. This is like every men, women and children of the United States, except California, consuming tobacco. Of these, 462,000 people die of cancer each year. Or, 52 deaths every hour. Of these, 20 die due to cancer of throat and mouth. 

With a staff of 33 full time doctors and RMO’s and 20 visiting doctors, KCHRC hospital treats 68,000 outpatients and 12,500 cancer consultations, 2000 complex cancer surgeries; and 17,000 patients treated through radiation and chemo therapies every year. 

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