Health Care


To integrate clinical excellence, appropriate advanced technologies and systems, passion and compassion to provide superior and ethical healthcare at affordable pri​ce which contributes to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patient communities with the spirit of equality, dignity and interfaith.

To fulfil it's mission, Muni Seva Ashram has setup two independent hospitals on the same campus that provide state-of-the-art medical care to the rural population: Akahar Purshottam Arogya Mandir, which provides general medical care, and the Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Cener, which focuses on oncology and nuclear medicine.  Both hospitals charge a token amount for care, which is fully subsidized by Muni Seva Ashram if patients cannot afford it, thereby providing 100% free care to the most needy.

Akshar Purshottam Arogya Mandir (APAM)
In 1978 when Shri Anuben came to Goraj and built a small hut to start her mission of uplifting the life of tribal and down trodden people of this area, it was a God forsaken land where there was no law of land. Medical, educational or government infrastructure was totally absent and unheard of, she saw small children and young men dying helplessly. The only treatment available was going to a ‘Witch Doctor’ and this only made suffering more grave. Moved by their plight, Anuben went to Vadodara and requested Dr. Kapadia of SSG Hospital to give weekly visits to the Ashram.  Read More

Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Center (KCHRC)
Pujya Anuben Thakkar came to Goraj in 1980 and looking at the plight of the people of this area she called on doctors from Vadodara to provide a weekly health care camp and gradually MSA began to give basic medical facilities to the people of southwestern Gujarat. iN 1981 A small dispensary as started and gradually with the support of philanthropists, a 95 bed ultra modern hospital,Akshar Purshottam Arogya Mandir was established in 1988.  Read More